IERenderer ("IER") Version History

The download archive (for Pegasus Mail 4.61 or later only!) provides an installer along with this history.
If you've got issues with using the installer you may want to try Inno Unpacker, for usage instructions see below.

Users of my encryption extension PMPGP should upgrade to its latest version
before using the new renderer as they may encounter crashes and weird display issues otherwise.
My S/MIME extension is heavily outdated and should not be used anymore unless announced here otherwise
since I haven't been able to further maintain it for the last couple of years, I'm sorry.
Pegasus Mail v5 will be able to provide native support for S/MIME, though.

01.08.2022 03:30 (CEST): Version

This update mostly provides fixes and enhancements for a couple of user interface issues which have been bugging me for some time but took a while to make it up to the top of the priority list, here they finally come:

30.06.2022 06:00 (CEST): Version

27.06.2022 06:00 (CEST): Version

01.06.2022 03:00 (CEST): Version

05.05.2022 02:00 (CEST): Version

21.03.2022 10:35 (CET): Version

05.03.2022 05:00 (CET): Version

More or less sorted by importance/urgency after the Pegasus Mail v4.8 release:

14.02.2022 07:00 (CET): Version

There was a pretty stupid last minute fault, sorry ...

14.02.2022 06:00 (CET): Version

02.02.2022 03:00 (CET): Version

12.01.2022 03:15 (CET): Version

10.01.2022 05:30 (CET): Version

07.01.2022 02:45 (CET): Version

30.12.2021 06:00 (CET): Version

Woa, forgot to rephrase the redirection dialog to the requested rewording of the confirmation - and took the chance to decrease the font for the paragraph about the error codes.

30.12.2021 04:00 (CET): Version

24.12.2021 22:30 (CET): Version

Well, just some quick fixes/enhancements for the imminent Pegasus Mail release:

21.12.2021 09:20 (CET): Version

Several news about this version for Pegasus Mail 4.8, so here's the most important stuff:

21.10.2021 03:15 (CEST): Version

This version just fixes an issue with the IER's blank message warning detected immediately after the previous release which fortunately wouldn't have affected any rendering issues but degrade error handling convenience.

21.10.2021 01:30 (CEST): Version

This version is exclusively about fixing minor issues, annoyances of and enhancing error handling in several places plus hopefully fixing some crashes and hangs under certain conditions some of which I could only duplicate on WinXP.

27.09.2021 02:00 (CEST): Version

03.09.2021 01:00 (CEST): Version

13.08.2021 04:00 (CEST): Version

This version just fixes retrieval of inline pictures using content IDs containing hierarchical URL paths.

13.08.2021 01:00 (CEST): Version

03.08.2021 06:00 (CEST): Version

27.07.2021 05:00 (CEST): Version

26.07.2021 02:00 (CEST): Version

23.07.2021 15:15 (CEST): Version

21.07.2021 03:30 (CEST): Version

16.07.2021, 03:00 (CEST): Version

07.07.2021, 02:00 (CEST): Version

This version just fixes the crash of the previous one occurring when launching Pegasus Mail with IER on Windows versions without the MS Edge browser installed (i.e. almost exclusively prior to Windows 10).

06.07.2021, 03:30 (CEST): Version

04.06.2021, 01:00 (CEST): Version

This version provides a rewrite of the (inline & remote) image request, download and error handling routines which have recently been challenged by different issues regarding addressing and fetching "innovations" and errors causing IER to not display graphics properly or even at all. Most of these issues could be fixed while for the remaining ones an enhanced error display is provided on Pegasus Mail's status bar at its bottom left edge.

17.05.2021, 02:00 (CEST): Version

And yes, we did it again (whoever the other ones are ;-)): It was only a couple of hours after the previous release that I got a message which wouldn't allow to display its inline graphics for no obvious reasons. And it unfortunately took me an awful lot of time to figure out that it wasn't a coding issue causing this but a simple misdeclaration of the graphics file type which made IE's renderer stumble while Mozilla's Gecko simply ignored it and displayed what it found instead of (nothing) what it claimed to be. So here's the version that double checks such claims from now on and provides the proper file extension if required to fix this originator issue.

15.05.2021, 14:30 (CEST): Version

07.05.2021, 01:00 (CEST): Version

21.04.2021, 03:30 (CEST): Version

20.04.2021, 03:00 (CEST): Version

19.04.2021, 01:30 (CEST): Version

09.04.2021, 18:00 (CEST): Version

This update just provides an adjustment of IER's file version detection for dealing with Pegasus Mail's beta versions.

09.04.2021, 03:00 (CEST): Version

19.03.2021, 02:30 (CET): Version

17.03.2021, 02:00 (CET): Version

22.02.2021, 23:00 (CET): Version

23.01.2021, 00:00 (CET): Version

05.01.2021, 20:45 (CET): Version

Once again here's a quick fix for something I actually had already prepared but didn't finish because of who knows what: The dialog occasionally displaying warnings about suspect hyperlinks which caused the access violations fixed with the previous release didn't work properly when clicking the Ok button. This hasn't only been fixed but does now even provide the browser drop-down list known from the reader context menu if applicable.

04.01.2021, 00:45 (CET): Version

21.12.2020, 06:00 (CET): Version

Well, once again there had to be some kind of an "emergency fix" regarding the adjustment of the default Rich Text font to become Pegasus Mail's default editor font if pasting in formatted quotes, so here it is without modifying the pasted text now. Sorry for this one.

20.12.2020, 22:45 (CET): Version

24.11.2020, 01:30 (CET): Version

This version just fixes the browser context menu launch issue accidentally introduced with the enhanced error handling of the previous version. :-/

23.11.2020, 02:30 (CET): Version

23.10.2020, 02:00 (CEST): Version

This update is all about wasting lots of time in figuring out and fixing a Windows 10 issue with not displaying RTF popups providing options help the same way as all previous Windows versions did ever since ...

22.10.2020, 14:30 (CEST): Version

29.06.2020, 00:00 (CEST): Version

This version should finally fix the infinite loop issue.

26.06.2020, 22:30 (CEST): Version

16.06.2020, 23:00 (CEST): Version

03.04.2020, 15:00 (CEST): Version

This version is all about fixing the issue of the browser selection popup submenu not appearing on right mouse button clicks for some users for unknown reasons: It's finally solved and hopefully without any unwanted side effects!

21.03.2020, 19:30 (CET): Version

21.02.2020, 21:00 (CET): Version

24.01.2020, 00:00 (CET): Version

16.01.2020, 22:30 (CET): Version

Forgot to reenable faster rendering for messages that don't need the extra treatment of the Instagram workaround - fixed now.

15.01.2020, 23:00 (CET): Version

15.10.2019, 00:30 (CEST): Version

This is just the recompiled previous version signed with a new self-signed certificate (RSA 4096 SHA 512).

10.10.2019, 22:00 (CEST): Version

09.10.2019, 20:30 (CEST): Version

06.10.2019, 20:00 (CEST): Version

24.09.2019, 20:00 (CEST): Version

This version is once again supposed to fix the image display issue by fixing CSS file handling and disabling another IE feature called "FEATURE_MIME_SNIFFING".

24.09.2019, 01:30 (CEST): Version

This version only fixes the reader pane's link context menu for copying images and selecting browsers working again.

22.09.2019, 15:00 (CEST): Version

17.09.2019, 22:00 (CEST): Version

15.09.2019, 20:30 (CEST): Version

08.09.2019, 20:00 (CEST): Version

This version just provides the updated help files that should have been provided with the previous version.

This version just provides the updated help files that should have been provided with the previous version.

24.08.2019, 13:00 (CEST): Version

This version adds more data to Pegasus Mail's file which controls the file extensions of attached files passed to any application or module supposed to deal with message attachments such as Pegasus Mail's HTML renderers and external viewers. This is one of the sources for IER to append proper file extensions to image files being loaded by IERenderer in those cases where it doesn't appear to do it without those anymore for currently unknown reasons.

23.08.2019, 21:00 (CEST): Version

14.08.2019, 17:00 (CEST): Version

14.07.2019, 20:00 (CEST): Version

27.06.2019, 18:00 (CEST): Version

28.05.2019, 23:00 (CEST): Version

05.04.2019, 23:30 (CEST): Version

This version only fixes a crash occuring when trying to print HTML messages with headers included (and hopefully doesn't break anything else).

03.04.2019, 20:00 (CEST): Version

This time there are several major enhancements aside from the usual fixes:

29.03.2018, 19:00 (CEST): Version

11.08.2016, 23:00 (CEST): Version

This version fixes a zoom issue affecting only systems with IE versions less than 9.

26.07.2016, 22:30 (CEST): Version

24.03.2015, 13:00 (CET): Version

This version adds a DOCTYPE declaration to tidied HTML solving some display issues.

03.02.2015, 20:15 (CET): Version

This version just adds support for the UTF-7 charset.

24.12.2014, 14:00 (CET): Version

28.12.2013, 20:00 (CET): Version

05.12.2013, 21:15 (CET): Version

This version fixes an issue where IER wouldn't parse and adjust tags properly in certain cases.

05.12.2013, 18:30 (CET): Version

29.05.2013, 14:00 (CEST): Version

30.12.2012, 14:30 (CET): Version

This version provides workarounds for several kinds of broken image source URLs. Please note, that this doesn't necessarily result in proper image display, it may just ensure faster processing and error display if applicable.

10.03.2012, 15:00 (CET): Version

13.12.2011, 17:30 (CET): Version

14.11.2011, 18:30 (CET): Version

16.10.2011, 16:00 (CEST): Version

08.10.2011, 13:30 (CEST): Version

24.09.2011, 14:45 (CEST): Version

02.09.2011, 16:00 (CEST): Version

26.08.2011, 18:00 (CEST): Version

22.08.2011, 14:30 (CEST): Version

08.08.2011, 17:00 (CEST): Version

31.07.2011, 13:30 (CEST): Version

23.07.2011, 14:00 (CEST): Version

02.07.2011, 21:30 (CEST): Version

19.06.2011, 17:30 (CEST): Version

02.06.2011, 20:00 (CEST): Version

23.05.2011, 22:30 (CEST): Version

22.05.2011, 19:30 (CEST): Version

20.05.2011, 19:00 (CEST): Version

16.05.2011, 18:30 (CEST): Version

15.05.2011, 12:00 (CEST): Version

01.05.2011, 15:00 (CEST): Version

22.04.2011, 13:00 (CEST): Version

03.04.2011, 21:00 (CEST): Version

27.03.2011, 19:30 (CEST): Version

21.03.2011, 18:00 (CET): Version

23.02.2011, 12:45 (CET): Version

19.02.2011, 00:00 (CET): Version

12.01.2011, 16:00 (CET): Version

08.01.2011, 15:00 (CET): Version

19.12.2010, 23:00 (CET): Version

17.11.2010, 20:00 (CET): Version

12.11.2010, 00:00 (CET): Version

23.10.2010, 11:30 (CEST): Version

16.10.2010, 18:15 (CEST): Version

04.10.2010, 20:00 (CEST): Version

13.09.2010, 21:00 (CEST): Version

08.08.2010, 12:00 (CEST): Version

23.07.2010, 23:00 (CEST): Version

11.07.2010, 19:30 (CEST): Version

10.07.2010, 19:00 (CEST): Version

just implements some very minor enhancements regarding the help dialog.

07.07.2010, 19:15 (CEST): Version

18.06.2010, 20:30 (CEST): Version

09.06.2010, 14:45 (CEST): Version

30.05.2010, 13:00 (CEST): Version

This version's main work was done on migrating the source code to an up-to-date development environment requiring lots of adjustments especially with regard to string handling (Unicode). The new code includes several minor fixes and enhancements as well, of course.

15.05.2010, 20:30 (CEST): Version

29.04.2010, 13:00 (CEST): Version

23.04.2010, 12:30 (CEST): Version

21.04.2010, 12:30 (CEST): Version

This version provides an enhanced error handling and several fixes inlcuding working around proxy related access restrictions.

11.04.2010, 13:00 (CEST): Version

06.04.2010, 22:30 (CEST): Version

29.03.2010, 16:30 (CEST): Version

Aside from some minor fixes (including proper handling of background images) this version provides fixes and enhancements of the fraud checking feature: It tries to exclude file extensions from being checked as long as they aren't also used as TLDs by using the respective IANA WHOIS Service . I've also added a very pronounced warning against disabling the Load WinSock option as fraud and blacklist checking (and image downloads, of course) heavily depend on its proper functioning.

22.03.2010, 18:40 (CET): Version

This version provides some online help enhancements and fixes a W2K issue with the task bar.

13.03.2010, 13:30 (CET): Version

07.03.2010, 19:45 (CET): Version

This version fixes a zoom/resizing issue with IE 6.

04.03.2010, 22:30 (CET): Version

This version might fix a TER related crash when opening HTML attachments.

01.03.2010, 16:00 (CET): Version

This version just fixes a Unicode conversion issue when quoting selected text while replying to a formatted message.

01.03.2010, 20:00 (CET): Version

This version comes with lots of changes and enhancements:

Other changes in more or less chronological order (not listing the required user interface and help file adjustments):

  1. Adjustments and fixes for using the control with IE 6 (the last supported one on Windows 2000).
  2. Enhanced font sizing (actually zooming without modifying any font sizes) and mouse wheel support.
  3. Improved URL decoding and display including Punycode handling of IDNs and charset conversion fixes.
  4. Optional message header printing which only works when printing messages from a stand-alone reader window.
  5. Blacklist checks, fraud protection and redirection handling and some related adjustments with regard to scripts and frames warnings.

Please note that the latter features work a little different from the original BearHtml: All fraud and blacklist checking is only done when actually clicking a link. The reason for this is that it tries to resolve the fraudulent addresses for plausibility checks as I'm trying to avoid having to maintain another list of URLs like kept in the original BearWarn.txt.

21.11.2009, 17:45 (CET): Version

16.11.2009, 13:10 (CET): Version

09.11.2009, 22:12 (CET): Version

05.11.2009, 21:45 (CET): Version 1.2.2

31.10.2009, 12:14 (CET): Version

18.10.2009, 23:17 (CEST): Version

15.10.2009, 23:23 (CEST): Version

13.10.2009, 23:37 (CEST): Version

12.10.2009, 20:30 (CEST): Version

04.10.2009, 15:15 (CEST): Version 1.2.1

03.10.2009, 16:00 (CEST): Version 1.2

27.09.2009, 13:20 (CEST): Version 1.1

When using innounp -x to unpack IERendererSetup.exe the IER files will be extracted to the following directories, here's where to put them:

Unpacker Screenshot

The fff-file in the fff-path location needs to contain the proper path to the location of IERenderer.dll (it usually doesn't need to be changed). Users of the German version need to rename the fff-file's extension to .fde or to add a respective copy along with it if they want to allow dual use.

Certificate Fingerprint: 94C6B471 0C623088 A5B27701 742B8666 3B7E657C